Summer Santa in Commercial!



Santa  Ron has a real beard, cheeks like a rose and nose like a cherry and  don't forget the twinkle in his eyes.  Ron has occasionally played at  being a Santa to neighbors and family but never really gave it more than  a passing thought.  After retiring, Ron starting looking for a new  challenge hoping to find something that brought joy and happiness to  others.  He also wanted to feel the magic of the challenge himself. 

Then  he remembered a Christmas Eve years ago when a fellow Naval Officer,  dressed as Santa Claus, came by his apartment unannounced to deliver  Ron’s 2 year old son a simple toy.  The look on the boy’s face and the  twinkling eyes of the erstwhile Santa Claus brought laughter and joy to  all of us in that small apartment.  43 years later the joy and magic of  that night rings truer now than ever before.  That’s the challenge Ron  was looking for.  That’s the joy and nobility of being a professional  Santa Claus! 

Being a professional Santa Claus is more than a  job; it’s a way of life!  Santa Ron has the professional training and  the Christmas spirit all year.  Santa Ron is a right jolly old Elf who’s  dedicated to see the wonder of the season in the eyes of children,  regardless of age.  Santa Ron is ready to visit you and yours in your choice suit!

His  secret is….Mrs. Claus!  Patti, his wife, is a part of the team Santa  Ron.  She is the kindly, cookie maker and hot cocoa dispenser to  children.  She also has the professional training and Christmas spirit  all year.  Santa Ron and Mrs Claus are ready to to spread some Christmas cheer and good fun!